Which foreign specialists will be able to permanently reside in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Which foreign specialists will be able to permanently reside in the Republic of Kazakhstan

The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of the Population plans to approve a list of professions in demand for foreigners to obtain a permit for permanent residence in Kazakhstan. The draft order has been published on the Open NLA portal and will be in public discussion until January 19, 2023.

The rules for the formation of the list are developed in accordance with subparagraph 6-1) of Article 11 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On population migration”.

The list is planned to include professions belonging to the group “Professional Specialists” of the national classifier. To do this, the authorized body must analyze:

– the need for personnel, formed in accordance with the rules for the formation of a national system for forecasting labor resources;

– vacancies of the state information portal “Electronic Labor Exchange”;

– data of the automated information system “Foreign labor force”.

The list of professions in demand for foreigners will be coordinated with interested state bodies, akimats and the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, and published in the public domain.

The document defines four priority sectors: healthcare, education, science and technology, information technology.

It is assumed that doctors and forensic professionals, speech therapists and linguistic pathologists, veterinarians, engineers for the production of crude oil and natural gas, engineers for the operation of oil and gas wells, chemical engineers, engineers will be able to obtain a permanent residence permit in Kazakhstan. – ship mechanics and shipbuilding engineers, geodesists, biochemists and biophysicists, microbiologists, ecologists, software architects, professionals in the security of information infrastructure and IT, teaching staff of universities in the field of healthcare, engineering and pedagogical workers of TVE in the field of environment, engineering and teaching staff of TVET (manufacturing and manufacturing industries), etc.

It should be noted that in November last year, the Concept of the Migration Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2023-2027 was approved. One of the initiatives provides for the introduction of special visas for in-demand specialists. “For professionals in demand in the field of science, healthcare, industry, IT, the state will introduce concessions and will provide visas with the right to obtain a residence permit. “Visas for in-demand professions” with residence permits for foreigners will also be reviewed, including for ethnic Kazakhs who have valuable skills for Kazakhstan in science, education, industry, information technology, sports and culture. Masters in the field of art, sports, literature will be involved, with the provision of conditions for the opening of copyright schools,” the document states.

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