Famous Italian designer created a collection of saddles in Kazakhstan

Famous Italian designer created a collection of saddles in Kazakhstan

Kazakh nomadic culture inspired the Sicilian Matteo GUARNACCIA, a well-known master in the design world, for a major project.

He went to Kazakhstan, where he assembled a team of 13 designers from around the world, Dezeen.com reports. They developed five uniquely designed saddles, which were then painstakingly crafted by Kazakh craftsmen.

Why saddles? GUARNACCIA believes that this attribute of riding is the best way to embody the essence of the culture of nomads, which in Soviet times was dissolved in a more modern sedentary lifestyle.

A variety of materials have been used to make saddles. In one case, these were birch wood and steel elements. At the same time, the designers emphasize that they designed the saddles in such a way that it was comfortable not only for the rider, but also for the horse.

Understanding the difference between a routine static image and a nomadic traditional way of life begins with understanding the relationship between a horse and its rider, – designers think.

In other saddles, recycled plastic and iron, as well as artificial felt, were used. The colors were also not chosen by chance: some were borrowed from the steppe landscapes, others are designed to emphasize the dynamics and active lifestyle.

The project has been completed for today. The saddles were first shown at the Kasteyev State Museum of Art in Kazakhstan, and in October they were exhibited at the Union de la Jeunesse International gallery in Paris.

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