Social responsability

We strongly believe that the right economic requests should be combined with social, cultural and environmental perspectives, with the aim of the sustainable development of our community on the planet. The Association for Italian-Kazakh Trade believes that organizing or supporting events of cultural nature means creating opportunities for interaction and dialogue. While you offer to the participants something that characterizes you as a person and citizen (be it a music concert, a book, a show, a master-class, a language course, or the support for a project for people in need), you create opportunities in which to raise awareness and make people appreciate the Italian culture in its widest and deepest sense. Since these events will be mainly aimed at people from other cultures and traditions, these events may represent an opportunity of a comparison with a different cultural model. We would like to cooperate in the creation of real communication channels among people, in an intercultural perspective. We support a position of openness towards other people, without preconceptions or prejudices, thus discovering different forms of thought and life, which is worth getting in touch with. By observing and taking part in different cultural models, we discover the differences and similarities, thus developing an attitude of appreciation, tolerance and cooperation that could lead to a more aware and deeper worldview. To this end, the Association is committed to supporting non-profit initiatives and organizations, which represent the integration between Italy and Kazakhstan from social, cultural and ethical points of view.

The Ark

The Village of the Ark. Every day, step by step, on the side of children. As a popular proverb (presumably of African origin) says "in order to educate a child, it takes a village". This is exactly the aim of the Ark: a place where children feel welcomed, so they can grow, every day. The Ark, a non-governmental, non-profit organization, operates in Kazakhstan with the aim of welcoming, educating, rehabilitating orphans and disabled children, allowing them to start working.

MASP - The International Association of Social Projects

The International Association of Social Projects is a non-profit organization, founded in 2002 through the initiative of young Italian and Kazakh young people, interested in social issues. A fundamental part of the work done by the Association regards education. Even nowadays, education is a highly relevant issue, which, even in the most difficult circumstances, allows to create new relationships among people. The Association's mission is to support and promote the development of human capital in Kazakhstan, with a particular focus on education and human rights protection, as well as the dignity of the human person in all its manifestations.

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