Period of permitted stay in Kazakhstan extended until November 1 for foreigners

Period of permitted stay in Kazakhstan extended until November 1 for foreigners

This decision was made due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic, due to which many foreign citizens were unable to leave Kazakhstan on time.

Foreigners in Kazakhstan have been extended the period of permitted stay in Kazakhstan until November 1.  This was announced by Sabyrzhan Seitzhanov, Deputy Chairman of the Migration Service Committee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan:

“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many international flights are still suspended, and the borders of states are closed. For this reason, many foreigners still cannot leave Kazakhstan and return to their homeland. The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan has decided to extend the period of permitted stay of foreigners until November 1, 2020.”

Also it was decided to recognize as valid documents that have expired or will expire between March 16 and November 1, 2020.  These include:

* identity document;

* visas;

* temporary residence permit;

* residence;

* labor patent;

* permission to attract foreign labor.

“Foreigners who previously arrived in Kazakhstan without a visa are also extended the period of possible stay in the country until November 1. If a foreigner plans to stay after this period, then the receiving party must contact the migration service to draw up documents for the right of further stay”, Sabyrzhan Seitzhanov added.

Employers who have issued a permit to attract a foreign worker can apply to the Migration Service before November 1 to obtain a C3 visa, it is issued regardless of the visa category for which the employee arrived.

Until November 1, foreigners and hostages will not be held administratively liable for violation of the terms of stay.

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