Nur-Sultan and Almaty have been quarantined since March 19

Nur-Sultan and Almaty have been quarantined since March 19

Given the complicated situation with the spread of COVID-19 in the cities of Nur Sultan and Almaty, as well as to prevent the spread of coronavirus to other cities of Kazakhstan, the state commission decided to start additional restrictive, preventive and anti-epidemiological measures in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty.

Measures come into force from 00:00 on March 19 provide for:

* Start of quarantine and the implementation of large-scale sanitary and anti-epidemic measures;

* establishing the perimeter of the quarantine zone and determining the points of entry / exit from it;

* restrictions on the movement of people, as well as the entry / exit of vehicles;

* ensuring the smooth operation of special medical institutions in three categories: for infected, suspected of infection, quarantine;

* identification of sectors of the territory of cities and their borders to limit the movement of citizens, optimal for organizing the supply of food to the population and the functioning of the life support system;

* suspension or limitation in the daytime and termination of the movement of public transport at night;

* suspension of the work of non-food trading markets, large shopping centers and trading houses, with the exception of facilities located in them for the sale of food and medicines;

* the establishment of a new mode of operation of public catering facilities on the principle of “delivery to customers”, with the strengthening of sanitary and anti-epidemiological measures;

* Reorganization of operation of SSCs;

* determination of the daily needs of the population of quarantine zones and each of the sectors for food, medicine, life support items and basic necessities;

* determination for each of the quarantine zone sectors of the centers of trade and provision of food and essential goods, taking into account the minimization of public transport;

* other organizational measures.

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