Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan approved 24 mandatory points of sanitary standards for business

Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan approved 24 mandatory points of sanitary standards for business

The Ministry of Health has approved a checklist in the field of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population.  For violation of one of these 24 points is provided for liability in accordance with article 425 of the Code of Administrative Offenses.  This was written by Shyngys Temir, deputy chief of staff of the business ombudsman, on his Facebook page.

Shyngys Temir listed 24 points, for violation of which there is a fine.  “Moreover, these 24 requirements do not apply to one specific object, but to all,” he wrote.

1. The presence of installations (devices) for monitoring the body temperature of workers, visitors at the entrance.

2. The presence of sanitizers with a skin antiseptic at the entrance, in the halls, at the entrance to elevators, sanitary facilities.

3. The presence of disinfectants, detergents and antiseptics.

4. The availability of personal hygiene products in sanitary facilities (liquid soap, antiseptics).

5. The presence and provision of antiseptics in the workplace.

6. The presence of a monitoring journal with marks of employees coming to work, reasons for the absence.

7. The presence of marking places through signs on the floor or through restrictive racks to maintain social distance in crowded places where traffic is observed.

8. Availability of pre-registration, prevention of the “waiting area”, to ensure compliance with a distance of at least 1 meter between the visitor (client) and the employee.

9. Observance of distance between tables of at least 1 meter in catering points.

10. Observance of a distance of at least 2 meters between workstations, the presence of marking the boundaries of optimal working areas at facilities in the service sector.

11. Placement of employees in one room with observance of social distance at a distance of at least 1 meter from each other.

12. Ensuring the sale of food products in packaged form (with the exception of uncut vegetables and fruits).

13. Conducting preventive disinfection measures.

14. Ensure the proper operation of ventilation systems and air conditioning systems inside shopping centers, ensuring compliance with the ventilation regime.

15. Prevention of simultaneous congestion of visitors during entertainment events (not exceeding 50% of the design capacity).

16. Ensuring the occupancy of groups and halls is not more than 50% of the design capacity.

17. Compliance with the requirements for limiting (prohibiting) the activity of an object (operating mode).

18. Provision and timely change of personal protective equipment by personnel during the working day (masks every 2 hours, gloves in case of damage).

19. The presence of the driver and conductor of public transport, including official vehicles, an antiseptic for the treatment of hands and protective equipment (masks and gloves) with their mandatory change with the required frequency.

20. Prevention of visitors (passengers) to enclosed spaces, as well as to public transport without protective masks.

21. Ensuring the organization to maintain distance of at least 1 meter in crowded places.

22. Compliance with the requirements for limiting ceremonial, commemoration events.

23. Compliance with the requirements for restricting participation in public events, including sports and family ones.

24. Passing testing after arriving from abroad within the time period specified by regulatory legal acts.

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