Fines for businesses for non-compliance with eco-norms increased

Fines for businesses for non-compliance with eco-norms increased

Media publications about environmental pollution will be the basis for an unscheduled inspection

According to the new Ecocode, from 2022, local executive bodies will finance environmental activities from incoming environmental payments in 100% of the volume, the business information center reports, citing the press service of the Ministry of Ecology, Geology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

“Atyrau is one of the 10 cities with the highest level of air pollution.  To solve this situation, within the framework of the Ecocode, such directions will be implemented as the introduction of the principle “the polluter pays and fixes”, the transition to the best available technologies, new approaches to assessing the impact on the environment, toughening of liability for violation of environmental legislation, an automated system for monitoring emissions, improvement  production and consumption waste management ”, Akhmetzhan Primkulov, the vice-minister emphasized during his working trip to the Atyrau region.

He announced that large enterprises will implement the best available technologies within 10 years in accordance with the environmental efficiency program.  For this period, they will be exempt from payment for emissions.  If enterprises do not switch to BAT, then the rates of payments for emissions will grow: from 2025 they will increase 2 times, from 2028 – 4 times and from 2031 – 8 times.

Representatives of public organizations expressed support for the norms of the Environmental Code.

Thus, Arman Khairullin, the Head of the public fund “Atameken – Eco” noted article 175 of the Ecocode, according to which enterprises will have to strictly comply with the instructions of the Department of Ecology to eliminate the identified violations, otherwise a penalty will be charged from the moment of expiration.  According to the eco-ambassador, this is a necessary tool.

“Also earlier, the Entrepreneurial Code did not allow authorized bodies in the field of environmental protection to act promptly in the event of pollution.  Now, the results of the analysis of publications in the media about significant excess of the standards for emissions of pollutants may be the basis for an unscheduled inspection.  There should be no bureaucracy in environmental matters”, the Head of the foundation believes.

Strengthening the role of the public in the process of environmental impact assessment, the Head of the Zhaiyk-Caspian Aarhus Center, the Head of the regional project office “Adaldyk alagy” Shynar Izteleuova called an effective norm.

“There are a lot of new things in the new Ecocode.  For example, the concept of strategic environmental assessment, impact screening, transboundary EIA and others.  It is necessary to actively involve representatives of the public in the development of legal acts in the future”, she said.

Also the meeting participants were also informed that, according to the new Ecocode, administrative responsibility has been toughened.  Thus, for exceeding the standards of emissions into the environment, the administrative fine increased by 10 times.  And for non-compliance with the requirements for the protection of atmospheric air and fire safety during storage or incineration of waste, the fine increased up to 5 times.

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