About 82% voted for Tokayev – exit poll

About 82% voted for Tokayev – exit poll

Exit poll data on early presidential elections of Kazakhstan announced. According to a survey conducted by the Open Society International Institute for Regional Studies, the exit poll results were as follows:

  • Karakat Abden – 2.54 percent of votes;
  • Nurlan Auesbayev – 2.17 percent;
  • Zhiguli Dairabayev – 3.33 percent;
  • Meiram Kazhyken – 2.23 percent;
  • Kassym-Jomart Tokayev – 82.45 percent;
  • Saltanat Tursynbekova – 2.08 percent;
  • against all – 5.2 percent of the votes.

The respondents were asked the question: “Which of the presidential candidates did you vote for?” It is noted that the error of the result of the sociological research is about +-2 percentage points. According to the CEC, at 22:00 Astana time, the voter turnout was 69.43%.

Exit poll is a procedure used in world sociological practice to poll citizens conducted by sociological services at the exit from polling stations after voting.

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