Electives members

Office Name and Surname
President Marco Beretta
Vice Presidente with mandate for Italy Elisabetta Lanfranchi
Secretary Nunzio Cangelosi
Councilors Eugenio Novario, Alberto Simoncini, Pierluigi Alusio

Full members

Office Name and Surname
Italian Ambassador in Astana Pasquale D’Avino
Manager of the Embassy Sales Office in Astana
Director of ICE (Agency for the Promotion Abroad and the Internationalisation of the Italian Companies) Salvatore Parano
Honorary Consul in Almaty Pietro Calà

Working Tables

Topic Supervisor
Economic and legal relations between Italy and Kazakhstan Eugenio Novario
Innovation and Know-How Pierluigi Aluisio
Internationalization of Enterprises Elisabetta Lanfranchi
Investments and Production Alberto Simoncini

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Founding members

Members Onlus

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