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The Association for Italian-Kazakh Trade, founded in 2016 with headquarter in Almaty, is an association of entrepreneurs, professionals and non-profit organizations, Italian and local, which works to promote the internationalization of companies and assist them in the commercial trade and exchange between Italy and Kazakhstan.

The Association pursues its aims in compliance with the Kazakh law, as well as the Italian Law no. 518 of 1st July 1970 laying down rules on free and elective associations of traders established abroad, in order to contribute to the development of trade relations with Italy, and that can be recognized as Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad.

The Association was created and developed as a collection point for the Italian business community and for the many Kazakh operators who look at the Italian market, with the aim of becoming, through an extensive and recognized network, an integral part of the business community of the country in which it operates, in order to develop economic and trade relations between Italy and Kazakhstan and be an economic and institutional reference for all public and private entities, which plan and implement economic and commercial expansion projects from Italy on the Kazakh market and vice versa.

The associates are therefore economic operators with the aim of developing their business on the Kazakh territory, but also local companies that recognize Italy as a partner for their business and / or as an investment destination.

The Association would like to act as a privileged interlocutor for the Italian institutions - Embassy and ICE Office – which work for the economic and trade promotion in Kazakhstan. Also, the Association maintains close links with Assocamerestero with the prospect of being recognized as the first Italian Chamber of Commerce in Kazakhstan. The Association works closely with Kazakh institutions, such as Ministries, Atameken, Kaznex. Its activity is characterized by:

  • A strong understanding and analysis of the markets, which is the result of the Association’s deep roots in the territory and of the links with business community and local institutions;
  • A particular predisposition to a direct relationship with companies, due to the Association’s nature: an organization of entrepreneurs and professionals at the service of other entrepreneurs;
  • A strong propensity to work according to parameters of effectiveness and efficiency hat are necessary requirements to offer competitive services on the market.

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